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It is natural that virtual reality penetrates physical reality, so nobody is surprised that 3D mapping made its way to the stage. Sky is the limit here. If you wish to reach for the moon, it means we will prepare a corresponding 3D decorations. Together with 3D Pixide Studio we have been through a lot of large-size projects, combining multimedia scenography and 3D spatial projections. Digital scenography and 360 has never been better. We easily merge complex dance choreography with animation on stage. We can also provide you with architecture mapping and other mapping solutions, designed to suit your trade fair needs.

We create business and 3D product presentations. Obviously, you want to feel safe, so we prepare a graphic visualisation before the production starts – creating big things deserves some careful optimising. We are eager to share our knowledge – we will advise you, we will guide you. Things are easier with our own rendering farm, which is the fact you are definitely going to recognise during our cooperation. If it happens that you need a postproduction team for your commercial, we also handle 3D animation.